HYP Row + Core

Last Friday, I decided to mix up my usual workout routine and try something completely new. I’ve been to HYP Studio tons of times for their hot yoga classes, but when looking through the class schedule, I’ve always been intrigued by the non-yoga options: Pilates, TRX 45, and Row + Core.

So, excited to try something new, I gathered my yoga mat, threw on some sneakers, and ran down the street to HYP. As it turned out, I wouldn’t need a mat for the cardio and toning intensive class, but as a disclaimer from somebody who usually wears flip flops to the yoga studio: sneakers are a must!

I entered the studio, and was greeted by Andrea, the instructor, who was eager to show me to my rower. HYP uses water-based rowers, which have a slightly smoother pull than a typical indoor rower, which uses wind resistance to create tension. I assumed my position on the rower, and began to stretch and warm up as I waited for the rest of class to arrive. It was a very small class, with only six total athletes of varying ages, ranging all the way from from 17 to 70.

Once everybody had completed their 1600 meter warmup row, Andrea introduced the workout: a go at your own,  pace interval inspired routine that would suit the abilities of the entire class. Every movement could be modified if necessary, and the challenge and intensity of the workout came solely from the amount of effort you put in.

The workout, which began and ended with an easy 1600 m row warm-up and cool-down was as follows:

Interval 1:              |  Interval 2:                             |   Interval 3:                

20 Burpees              30 Sec Mountain Climbers  20 Pike Rowers

20 Squats                 20 Alternating Lunges         20 Leg Lifts

30 Sec plank           20 Pushups                             30 Sec Bicycle Abs

400 m Row sprint  | 400 m Row Sprint                | 400 m Row Sprint

After our cool-down row, Andrea closed class with a 5 minute ab circuit, that consisted of Crunches, Russian Twists, Bicycle Abs, and V-Ups.

The best thing about the Row + Core workout class, was that the workout can be completed anywhere that there is access to a stationary rowing machine. It was a quick cardio and abs workout, that left me feeling refreshed and helped to inspire new ideas for workouts that I can do on my own.

While I may not add HYP’s Row + Core class to my everyday workout schedule, it is definitely something that I would try again when I need a break from my old routine.


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