What’s in my Gym Bag?

As a student, I do most of my working out after school, and on busy days, I often find myself heading straight from the classroom to the gym. Whether I’m heading out to a yoga, barre, or CrossFit class, there are a few must-haves that I always keep in my bag.

Here are my top five gym bag essentials:

  1. Sneakers. Of course. Nearly every workout requires supportive and comfortable sneakers. My personal favorite shoe, which is great for distance running, sprinting, and all other training, is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus. These shoes comes in so many bright colors, and their soles have supported me through Cross Country seasons, CrossFit WODs, and every day activities. IMG_6971
  2. Headbands. One of my biggest workout pet peeves is when my hair gets in my face. Whether it’s during a run, or a yoga headstand, there is nothing quite as annoying as pesky bangs obstructing your vision. I’ve struggled to find headbands that can be trusted to stay on my head with lots of movement. Lulu Lemon ones, for example, although cute, can always be found on the floor about two minutes into a workout. SweatyBands, however, are the most dependable and cute headbands I’ve tried. They have velvet lining, which holds tight to the hair, and they come in tons of cute colors and patterns. They can even be customized for any school or team.IMG_6972
  3. Sports Bra. Forgetting a sports bra is a true workout ruiner, which is why I always keep an extra in my bag. My favorite brand is the Athleta Stealth Bra, because it is super comfortable. It comes in only basic colors- black, white, and gray, but it makes up for its lack of color with the comfort and support provided by the Sculptek™ technology. m_583240607f0a054f6c09079c
  4. Headphones + Arm Band. Music is a huge part of my life, and I think that a solid playlist can truly change the nature of a difficult workout. Although in classes, headphones are not a must, I am always sure to keep some with me for long runs or solo workouts. I also often keep an arm band in my bag, so that I can run with my phone on my arm, instead of in my hands, or tucked into a pocket. IMG_6973
  5. Snacks. Since I often go straight from school to a workout, I always try to have a small, light, snack in my bag to tide me over for my afternoon workout. I keep something very light and easy to digest, such as an apple, or a Banana Cocoa Fuel for Fire pack, which gives me a boost of energy without making me feel overly full in my workout. IMG_6974

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