The “Stay on Track” Workout

After skipping my last two days of fitness, I was due for a good, tough workout this morning. It was windy, rainy, and about fifty degrees outside when I hopped in the car to head to my local high-school’s track. I’ll be honest- I almost got back in the car and drove home to my warm bed after a huge gust of cold wind hit me right as I stepped onto the track, but with the help of a quick mental pep talk and my warm, dry, long sleeve shirt, I willed myself to stay.

The “Stay on Track” workout was something that I found on Pinterest just minutes before stepping onto the track. It’s a simple interval workout that requires no equipment besides running shoes, some motivation, and, if you’re somebody who enjoys music, or you find yourself with the entire track to yourself, like I did this morning, some headphones and a solid playlist.

The workout goes as follows:


As a past cross-country runner, I am no stranger to 400m interval training, but the added movements in between laps added an extra level of intensity to the workout. There’s really nothing comparable to the jelly-like sensation in your legs when you take off in a sprint after doing lunges and air squats. However, in this workout, the run is the limiting factor, not the accessory movements, which count as a type of rest from the cardio aspect. For that reason, I strove to push myself as hard as I could on the run, focusing more on form and pace during the bodyweight portion. Some pacing is essential, though, because you don’t want to absolutely fly through the first 400m and not be able to catch your breath for the rest of the workout.

So, despite the awful weather, this workout definitely warmed me up, and left me feeling refreshed and energized. I’m glad that I didn’t let the weather turn me around before I could complete it. The best thing about it, in my opinion, is that it is so simple and accessible. This workout can be completed anywhere, without any equipment on a track, a treadmill, or a roughly measured out 400m course.


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