Cocobeet Juice Bar

I’m not a huge fan of juice, and I don’t think that I would ever try a juice cleanse. That being said, what i’ve tried of Cocobeet’s juices and smoothies have been quite tasty, albeit, overpriced. The Juice Bar offers organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, non-HPP, and locally sourced food items, with an extensive juice and smoothie menu, as well as a number of vegan salads, grain bowls, and snacks.

Yesterday after my track workout, I ran into Cocobeet to try it out. I got two drinks: the Mocha-Espresso Mylk and the Kale Karma Smoothie. Each 16 ounce drink cost about 10 dollars, which, in my opinion, is an absurd amount to be paying for two smoothie-like beverages that I could probably blend up at home.

The Mocha-Espresso Mylk drink, despite its excessive cost, was delicious. It was made from Cashew Mylk, Dates, Raw Cacao, Espresso Beans, and Sea Salt. It was thick and creamy, almost like a mocha flavored milkshake, and it kept me full for hours, even after a workout. Plus, it was completely dairy free, which is great for any lactose sensitive or intolerant readers. Best of all, it has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, so it can take the place of a breakfast and your daily cup. My only complaint is that the drink was almost too sweet for me, and that’s coming from somebody with a huge sweet tooth. It isn’t really something that you want to drink in one sitting, as it is thick and sugary tasting.

I saved my second drink, the Kale Karma, for today. It’s a completely different drink than the Mocha-Espresso. It’s a lot lighter and more refreshing. It’s made from Kale, Pear, Pineapple, Lemon, Probiotics, and Water. The acid of the Lemon and Pineapple really shines through in this drink, and it has a very tropical and refreshing taste. Also, supplementing your diet with probiotics is said to have great health benefits.

Cocobeet is good, but its juices and smoothies are not something that I intend to mix into my regular diet. That being said, I do plan to one day try some of the in-house cooked foods, such as the Warm Quinoa Bowl and the Zucchini Pesto Zoodles.


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