The “Stay on Track” Workout

After skipping my last two days of fitness, I was due for a good, tough workout this morning. It was windy, rainy, and about fifty degrees outside when I hopped in the car to head to my local high-school's track. I'll be honest- I almost got back in the car and drove home to my warm bed after… Continue reading The “Stay on Track” Workout


HYP Row + Core

Last Friday, I decided to mix up my usual workout routine and try something completely new. I've been to HYP Studio tons of times for their hot yoga classes, but when looking through the class schedule, I've always been intrigued by the non-yoga options: Pilates, TRX 45, and Row + Core. So, excited to try… Continue reading HYP Row + Core


Peloton Cycling

Tired this morning from a late night with my friends, I was less than thrilled to leave my house to attend a group fitness class. However, I knew that a quick workout would help me shake off the exhaustion and brighten my mood, so I opted for an in-home workout. I mentally ran through my list of favorite at home workouts: running,… Continue reading Peloton Cycling